Friday, August 14, 2009

Fancy Pants: Kraft Kuts

My layout for the boys that I was inspired to do after I saw something similar in a magazine. I used the Fancy Pants Kraft Kuts papers - Be Dotted, and the Arrow Half Bracket Die Cut paper laid on top of Prism cardstock Tawny Light. Unfortunately for those of you who are really looking closely, you'll notice that I did put the right side page upside down.....oops! I find it hard to get layouts for teenage boys that capture their personalities - they don't very often let you take pictures of them anymore, and they don't play in the sandbox, so what is there to do?? The layout that I borrowed this idea from had a great idea for the journalling - it was about things that I have learned about since I was the Mom of boys. I put down some of the video game names, some of the songs that they listen to, a couple of terms of their slang that they think is so cool. I am still in the process of thinking of additional journalling, so I do plan on filling out that page!

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